S.U.P.E.R. Friends

Most people use the term ‘squad’ nowadays. As for me, I call my squad my “SUPER friends”.


What makes a friend S.U.P.E.R.?

S  Support:  They support you in however, whatever way they can—morally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, gastronomically (#foodislove), financially (if they are able, willing and have the resources, or they find ways to raise funds for you), or simply just be there for you with no other agenda but to show their love—whether virtually or in person. They support the things you are most passionate about—your family, hobby, sport, career, a cause you’re advocating, and most especially, your dreams. They also support you in your decisions, offer their advice/opinion when sought or as they see fit, but eventually leave it up to you  because they believe and trust that you’ll make the best decision for yourself. 

One of my SUPER friends, together with her mom (both of them overcame thyroid disease earlier on), hosted and organized a Garage Sale for a Cause to help raise funds for my surgery. Of course, my other SUPER friends supported it too!  (Photo credit: Happy Crocus)


U – Understand:  They know you, as in really know you. They know the things you love and like, and what you don’t. They know your pet peeves and what you’re allergic to. They know your favorite lines and expressions. They’ve seen you at your worst, and also at your best (yeah, that sounds like a line from one of John Lloyd’s famous movies, haha!). They know your past, yet still love and accept you, sometimes even more actually. They know your best self yet. They know your personality, talents, abilities, potential and strengths, sometimes even more than you do. If somebody else says something negative or false about you, they come to your defense because they know the real you. Because they know you this way, they understand you. They know where you’re coming from whenever you express your thoughts and sentiments. Sometimes, they even know what your non-verbal expressions mean. They get you. Period. There are also times when they don’t understand you initially because they probably disagree with you, but they try their best to understand where you’re coming from. And all that makes you feel safe to just be who you are and express yourself—no walls, no pretentions, no self-consciousness.


P – Pray / Protect:  Prayer is essential, and I would say one of the foundations on which my friendship with my SUPER friends is built. We share the same fundamental beliefs, and a primary one is believing in the power of prayer. SUPER friends pray for you, really pray for you with faith, and not just merely say (or post on FB), “I’ll pray for you” or “You are in my prayers” but don’t actually do it. One of the purposes of prayer is for protection, and these kind of friends pray for your safety and covering. They also protect you from being hurt physically, and sometimes even protect you from your own self when you (or about to) make stupid choices to hurt yourself or your loved ones. 


With some of my SUPER friends who visited me in the hospital after my surgery. One of them had her birthday on the same day and chose to celebrate it in the hospital with me and rest of our friends.  (Photo Credit: JansBond)


E – Enrich:  They enrich your life by sharing and imparting their abilities, gifts and talents, wisdom, insights and experiences with you. Their strengths compliment your weaknesses. Your common strengths build a strong force to reckon with. Their diverse personalities and humor add more color to your life! 


R – Reciprocate:  Reciprocation is key for any relationship to work and grow, whether platonic or romantic. It’s never a good relationship if it’s just a one-way street. Both need to give and receive in order to build and deepen the relationship. A dear friend once said, “Everything in a relationship is intentional”. So true. SUPER friends make time, in spite of crazily hectic and busy schedules. They listen. They do what they say they’ll do for you. They connect and communicate, even virtually (thank God for technology!). They call when needed. They do all these simply because they care. AND most importantly, it is mutual—you do the same for them.


So, I guess the big question in your mind right now is “How do I find a SUPER friend?!”—BE one. Before you know it, you’re attracting people who reciprocate the kind of friendship you offer. Or, maybe you already have one, a couple, or even more of them. When you do, keep on building the friendship, deepen the relationship even more, so you become SFFs (#SUPERFriendsForever)! THIS makes one truly #blessed.

Superfriends 2


A post-birthday celebration for the June celebrants (including me!) and get-together with my SFFs after my surgery.  (Photo credits: Dana D. and Happy Crocus)


 Copyright 2016 ❤ Trademarked By Love 


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