My Battle Scar

You’re probably wondering how I came up with the name of my blog. Why ‘Trademarked By Love’?

Trademarked Logo

I had a total thyroidectomy in June 2016 because of thyroid cancer. This kind of surgery would leave you with a scar either directly on or at the base your neck. See that curved line like a smiley on my blog’s logo? That represents my surgical scar.

Before my surgery, it was one of the things I was anxious about—how big it would be and what it would look like. I also didn’t want people to be distracted by it whenever they would talk to me.

After the surgery, as the wound was healing, I asked my husband if I should cover it with a gauze bandage or scarf since we were going to the mall and it might scare some people (honestly, it was more of me being self-conscious). He told me that I didn’t have to. He told me to be proud of it because I am a fighter—I bravely fought thyroid cancer and it is my battle scar. (That’s why I married this guy!)

It is true. It might still be an ongoing fight but having bravely gone through a major surgery was a round that I won. That was one step closer to total healing. That was one victory over something that was meant to devastate and break me. I began to see my scar as a reminder of this victory—a reminder that I am a cancer warrior, and not its victim. It is indeed a battle scar.

I also think it’s a matter of perspective. Every single day, I look in the mirror and I see my scar. There’s no way to avoid it because it’s not hidden; it’s right there, dead center at the base of my neck. I had a choice—whether to let it be a sad reminder that I have cancer, that I have a life-threatening disease, OR a reminder of victory, of my healing. A scar is a mark of healing after all. I chose the latter.

The greatest battle scar of all—His wounds, His stripes became my healing.

More than a week after my surgery, I came across one of David’s psalms. It says that, “Everything God does is right—the trademark on all his works is love.” That really spoke to me. Anything that is meant to hurt or destroy is not his work. Everything good, everything right is his work. Victory is God’s work. Healing is his work. I am his work. He has done something right in me, in spite of my flaws. That makes me legitimate to bear a trademark—to be trademarked by his love.

If he has done something right in you, if you have been a recipient of healing in any way, if you believe that you yourself are his creation, his work—then so are you. You are trademarked by love too. ♥

My Battle Scar

Battle scar - 3w post TT

3 weeks post surgery

*The smaller scar below was from the surgical drain that was left and taken out 3 days after the surgery.

Battle scar - 7w post TT

7 weeks post surgery

Dermatix ointment

This is the ointment prescribed by my surgeon to help the wound heal faster and for the scar to lighten. A 15ml tube should last for about 2 months. 

Copyright 2016 ❤ Trademarked By Love


2 thoughts on “My Battle Scar

  1. Your scar looks great. The surgeon did a great job, it looks so neat and seems to be healing well. Give it a few months (and a year) and it’ll be barely noticeable. If anyone points it out and asks, just say it was a failed head transplant. You’ve got this x

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