Moving forward 

It’s been three months since this whole journey began, and my husband and I finally found some time for a getaway—a short vacation to relax and unwind.

It was our first trip to the beach this year. Funny because it’s already September—summer’s over in the Philippines and we’re now in the rainy season (we only have two seasons here in our tropical country – wet and dry). That’s how busy we’ve been since the year started, and then this rollercoaster ride came in May.

I love to travel and see new places, make new memories. Being in a new environment is refreshing. I especially love seeing the ocean, hanging out by the beach, watching the sunset. This is my ultimate happy moment as I bask and sit in awe in the beauty of God’s creation. Enjoying the sunset while hearing the sound of waves rolling into the shore does wonders to the soul, giving a sense of calm and replenishment. That’s exactly what my baba and I needed after everything that has happened in the last three months.


The first weeks post surgery and the week before my RAI were the toughest. Post surgery, it was the effect of transient hypocalcemia that was really hard for me (read about that experience here). The week before my RAI, my TSH was so high and I was extremely hypothyroid so I felt heavy and exhausted all the time (read about it here).

I began feeling and functioning better when I started taking the thyroid hormone replacement after my RAI. I’m currently taking 150 mcg of Levothyroxine. My endo said that it’s my “battery” so I take it first thing in the morning when I wake up. It has become an integral part of my daily routine.

I felt that normalcy was back in my life just in the past month when I had more energy to work, do chores and drive! I’m looking forward to do yoga again in the coming days, which I started practicing before my diagnosis.

I can truly say that I’m recovering very well and I know it has a lot do with my personal disposition and mindset in dealing with this ongoing battle. It takes 10 years before a thyroid cancer patient can be clinically declared cancer free. But for me, I believed with all of my heart, all of my mind—my entire being—that I am already healed and cancer free when this all just started to unfold. I certainly felt overwhelmed and afraid in the beginning, but I still chose to believe in my healing no matter what I felt, no matter how difficult and challenging it was when the news first hit us and the series of events that happened since.

The war isn’t over. It’s a constant fight to choose—to choose not dwelling in negative, depressing thoughts, to choose living a healthy lifestyle, to choose following my doctors’ orders, to choose a positive outlook, to choose being surrounded by people with positive vibes, to choose faith and trust over worry and fear, and to choose having a meaningful life despite the odds. I’m a firm believer that a person’s success and outcome in life is defined by his or her choices. Each choice is very powerful—it could make or break us. It’s a choice to stand up again when one falls. It’s a choice to endure and keep trusting as the storm passes because after all, it will always pass. 

I really love this photo I captured from our trip because it was raining right before I took this shot and there were storm clouds in the periphery. What a glorious sunset! For me, it’s a perfect visualization that there’s hope and joy in the midst of a storm—that’s where we draw strength. And, there’s new life once the storm has passed.

This recent photo of mine pretty much sums up who I am and where I’m at today. Scarred—yes (I’m proud of my battle scar!), but happy, content, stronger and living life as I ought to. The enemy will never steal away from me the kind of life God has intended for me to live. I’m moving on and only moving forward.



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