One year and counting

One year—and my heart swells with only GRATEFULNESS. I’m still alive today, and more than alive—I’m healed and still cancer free! I had my tumor marker test recently and the results were NEGATIVE. Hallelujah!

It’s been exactly a year ago since I had my surgery.  I feel like several years have gone by after everything that has happened, yet I can still clearly remember the roller coaster ride of events and emotions.

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Moving forward 

It’s been three months since this whole journey began, and my husband and I finally found some time for a getaway—a short vacation to relax and unwind.

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Every patient is different

This statement by my surgeon during our first meeting made her “Doctor Right” for me. Hearing these words personally meant that I would be given care and attention best suited for my condition and needs.

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“I’m radioactive, radioactive”

I never thought that this song by Imagine Dragons that debuted back in 2012 would have a meaningful part in my journey—literally, and in an empowering way.

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Battling depression 

The worst part for me post surgery wasn’t the pain from surgery, the surgical wound nor was it the slightly hoarse voice (which eventually improved over time). It was the effect of transient hypocalcemia (low calcium), which the surgeon had warned me of before the operation, that was really difficult and terrible.

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The Surgery

I got my diagnosis on June 8, 2016 and my surgery, a total thyroidectomy, was scheduled the following week, June 15, barely three weeks since my initial checkup after feeling a slight neck discomfort and a swollen lymph node. Things were really happening fast…

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Keeping the faith

We’ve heard this phrase—either it’s been told to us or we’ve said it to others to bring encouragement in the midst of a tough situation: ‘keep the faith’.

But what does it really mean—to keep the faith?

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S.U.P.E.R. Friends

Most people use the term ‘squad’ nowadays. As for me, I call my squad my “SUPER friends”.


What makes a friend S.U.P.E.R.?

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