Welcome to my journey

I invite my fellow warriors (yes, we’re fighters!) to be part of my journey in overcoming thyroid cancer. I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid carcinoma on June 8, 2016, less than two weeks before my 33rd birthday.

I launched this blog over a month after I had my surgery, a total thyroidectomy. My fight isn’t over but I believe with all of my heart that this battle is already won, and that keeps me going and grateful for each day that passes.

There are tons of information online about the theoretical and clinical aspects of thyroid cancer—the different types, stages, related terms and definitions, treatment, pathology, prognosis—which did help educate me [a lot], but what I found most helpful was to read forums and watch videos about the experiences of others who have gone through what I’m facing. These showed me the human aspect of the disease, what the patient actually goes through—the lifestyle changes, the emotional rollercoaster ride, the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ days, how their loved ones took the news, how they managed to overcome and move on with their lives… I did relate with some of their experiences but how I wish that there were people closer to home, from Manila or nearby areas, whom I can connect with.

I was inspired to start this blog (I’ve never done this before!) and chronicle my personal journey in a quest to find others like me who are just new to this, as well as those who have successfully survived this illness for years. I’m eager to connect with you so together, we can help each other out, cheer one another on by ‘exchanging notes’—sharing stories, experiences, insights and helpful practical information—and help others too by spreading awareness about the disease for early detection.

Most importantly, this blog is meant to upliftencourage and inspire whoever reads it.

This blog is also for our loved ones who need support too. The stories and experiences of other families and friends who have surpassed this bout will greatly help those who are still trying to cope at present.

In case you have helpful information or insights about thyroid cancer that could benefit others, your contributions are most welcome! You can send them through the Contact Page.

I will mostly write about my personal experiences, struggles and victories, but eventually I’ll also write about my other adventures—the simple joys in life.

One thing I’ve learned (and still learning), is that we shouldn’t take life too seriously—‘seriously’ meaning just focusing on raising a family, earning money, establishing a career and/or running a business. Don’t get me wrong; they’re all good and necessary, but there’s so much MORE to life. We’ve also got a lot to give, whether you believe it or not, whatever and in spite of the odds we’re faced with.

Together, let’s really LIVE, LAUGH (yes, a lot!) and LOVE—to fully experience the meaning of this precious life we’ve been gifted, and to spread some good in this world.

Come and share this ride with me!



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